Locals React to Day One of Gov't Shutdown

Less than 24 hours into the federal shutdown, and here in Lubbock, people already have quite a bit to say.
U.S. Capitol (© Corbis.  All Rights Reserved.)
U.S. Capitol (© Corbis. All Rights Reserved.)

For the first time in 17 years, the federal government has shut down. And here in Lubbock, people aren't pleased.

"Congress could have said the American people are more important than what they want individually...but, instead, they put their own interest in front of our interest," one woman said.

Less than 24 hours in, some are already feeling the effects here at home.

"I'm on the G.I. Bill," according to one Texas Tech student. "Thankfully I got paid this month, but if it keeps going on, I won't get money for college. I've been running around all morning trying to get financial aid in order just so that I can stay in school."

But who's at fault? It seems some people point the finger of blame at President Obama -- others, at Republicans in the House because of their vehement opposition to passing a budget that includes the Affordable Care Act as is.

While some are angry, it seems others are just plain confused.

"My teachers were saying that people were emailing them asking if we were still going to have class or not," laughed one student.

Others we spoke to weren't even aware of the legislative gridlock in Washington to begin with.

However, most need not be concerned. The majority of people living in the South Plains region will feel little to no immediate affect of the shutdown. Federal services deemed "essential" will continue to operate.

For a full list of impacted agencies, click here.

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