LPD Cracking Down on Prostitution

The Lubbock Police are cracking down on prostitution making more than 80 arrests this year alone.

On July 19th a 15 year old Amarillo girl climbed out the window of a central Lubbock home and run to a McDonalds on 50th street.

She was running from the men who were holding her against her will for two months, forcing her to have sex with several male adults.

“We do know adult males were having sex with a child,” Sergeant Jason Lewis said. “So for sure those charges are standing at this point.”

The Lubbock police department is not calling it prostitution.

They are not calling it sex trafficking, yet.

What they are calling it now is a problem and it is one they are cracking down on.

“We are we are hitting it pretty hard to let them know we are not going to have it,” Lewis said.

Four men were arrested in that case.

Eduardo Hernandez, Angel Ramos, Justin Blake Hernandez and Tucker James Matthews were all charged with sexual assault on a child.

Lewis said the investigation is on going and expects more charges to be filed.

“If they are involved in prostitution they are likely going to be involved in other things,” Lewis said. “Drugs, maybe fencing, there is no telling what else they may be involved in.”

Along with more charges Lewis said they could find more people to be involved.

He said prostitution and sex trafficking are a growing problem in Lubbock.

“Using social media websites I think it makes it easy for these individuals to use children,” Lewis said. “It just makes it a little bit harder to catch them because they are not standing out on the street corner.”

But LPD is not giving up.

Lewis said this type of crime is one of the departments top priorities.

On August 1st five people were arrested at the Red Rood Inn for prostitution.

On October 11th LPD made two separate stings involving online prostitution.

Two people Carmie Hannah and Thresia Seago were arrested.

Meredith Hillgartner KLBK News. 

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