LPD Looks to Add to Their Ranks

The first Lubbock Police exam of 2014 is this Saturday, Jan. 11th. The dept. says they're hoping to gain 70 new officers this year.
By Victoria Price

ou've seen the 'Police Hiring' signs all over town for months. That's because Lubbock Police say they're looking to gain 70 new officers in the next year.

The city has a budget for 471 total officers. But right now the force is only operating with 408.

"If you're from anywhere in this region, Lubbock's going to be a good place to be a policeman," according to Sgt. Jason Lewis.

Starting salary for new officers here is $45,000. And LPD officers get certain perks that other departments just don't have.

"There's an allowance to help pay for your uniform, and the dept is actually going to provide you your firearm," Lewis says. "We have take home cars. As far as median income in Lubbock, we make good money."

But even with good pay and benefits, they say finding new recruits is no easy task.

"I would say that it is very difficult," Lewis says. "You don't go into this because you want to make money. It is something where you need to have the desire to make a difference."

Lewis says that out of initial applicants, only a mere 15 or so will become one of Lubbock's Finest.

"If you are an intelligent and a good person, well rounded, then yeah, we're looking for you," Lewis says. "Please come and help us out." 

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