LP&L Sets Date To Collect Money Under-Billed

The Electric Utility Board decided that November 1st is the day they will begin to collect the money that was under-billed back in June.
Some LP&L customers will see their bills go up starting November 1st. Anyone whose bill was affected in the computer glitch in June and was under-billed will receive a letter next week telling them exactly how much they owe LP&L.

That computer glitch resulted in LP&L under collecting close to $3 million. Originally, LP&L said they thought they would collect that money in October, but now have decided on November.

"There's never a good time to add any kind of cost of anybody's bills," Matt Rose, LP&L spokesman said.

"They (the Electric Utility Board) decided it would be best to do it over the winter months, since your winter bills are going to be lower," Rose said.

Starting next week, those 44,000 customers will get a letter explaining how much they owe. Their options will be to either pay the entire amount all at once, or pay it out evenly over a six month period.

"We had to go in and have our programmers write scripts to pull that out so that everybody is not assessed the same, it's dependent on your usage," Rose said.

Rose said on average, it's about $55 a customer, although some customers could see more or less, depending on when they are billed. He said there will not be any averaging out of the total $3 million, instead, each customer will pay based on their own use.

"One of the things we struggled with from the very beginning was, how are we going to approach this? And the board ultimately came to the decision that the money had to be collected," Rose said.

Now, he said they are working to make sure customers know what they are expected to pay.

"What we've learned is having a well informed customer base is not a luxury, it's a necessity, and that's what we're working towards," Rose said.

Rose added an LP&L representative will likely be at many of the upcoming town hall meetings to try to be as available to customers as possible and help them with any questions.
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