Lubbock Abortion Clinic Taken Over, Abortions to Stop

A non profit company says, "Planned Parenthood will not longer exist in Lubbock Texas" UPDATED Monday 10:54 AM
By James Clark and Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- Lubbock's abortion clinic at 67th Street and Indiana Avenue has been taken over by a non-profit group called Generation Healthcare and will no longer offer abortions.

In response to questions from, Generation Healthcare said, "Upon the completion of the transfer of all assets to Generation Healthcare, Planned Parenthood will no longer exist in Lubbock Texas."  

The non-profit said abortion is not a service its clinics offer. 

CEO Merinda K. Condra said in a written statement, “Our mission is to make certain that preventative screenings and routine health care service are available to all women.”

Generation Healthcare is associated with an adoption service.   

The written statement said renovations will begin on both the clinic and Planned Parenthood's Briercroft location.  Services will initially be provided three days per week.  Later it will expand to five days per week.

The Planned Parenthood clinic was closed Friday.  However, Planned Parenthood said the closure is not related to a Fifth Circuit appeals court ruling.  That ruling allowed controversial new restrictions on abortion to be enforced in Texas and is blamed for closing some clinics in Texas.

For more information about Generation's parent organization go to

* CLARIFICATION: Generation did not buy out Planned Parenthood.  The deal is more correctly described as an asset transfer.

Generation provided the following written statement:

Generation Healthcare, a division of Generation Covenant, announced they will begin providing comprehensive health services to women across the South Plains. The announcement comes on the heels of the Lubbock-based nonprofit group’s recent acquisition of two properties formerly owned by Planned Parenthood*.

“Our mission is to make certain that preventive screenings and routine health care services are available to all women,” said Generation Healthcare CEO Merinda K. Condra.

“It is so important for every woman to be proactive about her health. In order to serve as many women as possible we will be accepting Texas Women Health Coverage in the coming days,” said Condra.

Generation Healthcare, located at #14 Briercroft Office Park, is currently undergoing renovation and is scheduled to be serving patients three days a week effective immediately. Services include breast and cervical cancer screening, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure screening, contraception, and an on-site women’s counselor. Within six months, the clinic plans to expand its operations to five days a week, with evening and select Saturday hours, in addition to expanding its services to include pre-natal care.

Plans are underway to begin renovating the property located at 3302 67th Street to allow the space to be used for future community outreach and educational services.

* Generation Healthcare is not affiliated with Planned Parenthood, its parent company or any subsidiary.

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