Lubbock City Council Votes Five New People onto Electric Utility Board

The Lubbock City Council voted five new people onto the Electric Utility Board Thursday.
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- Thursday night, the Lubbock City Council voted to appoint five new people to the Electric Utility Board.

There were two vacancies to the board, one left by Dwight McDonald when he was removed from the board a few weeks before by the City Council because of a conflict of interest. The other vacancy came from Robert Mussleman, who asked to not be re-appointed. There were also three people up for re-appointment. None of those three were re-appointed for another term, and those three people were Chair of the Board Gail Kring, former Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal, and Carroll McDonald.

Here's the list of five new appointments to the Electric Utility Board:

Jerry Bell
Greg Taylor
Charles Dunn
Don Boatman
James Conwright

As the City Council went through the vote, they took nominations, and voted by show of hands on each name to decide who would be on the board.

"I'm excited, I'm excited for LP&L, we're going to get some new blood in there, and you know, there's going to be some change, and change is always tough, but sometimes it's necessary, I do want to echo what Councilman Hernandez said tonight, I want to thank the four board members going off," Mayor Glen Robertson said.

The five new people appointed will now make up a majority of the board.

"I think the process we had worked very good, everybody got to vote on every slot, and you know, I'm just excited for the board and LP&L. It's been a tough summer, so we've got five brand new members, hopefully kind of a new start for us," Robertson said.

They also voted Thursday to hold another investigation into the recent bidding process for future power. The EUB has already begun their own investigation, but now the City Council, in a 6-1 vote, will be asking the Lubbock chief of police to also hold an investigation, which will include anyone who was a part of the bidding process.

The City Council also unanimously voted to suspend a rate hike by Atmos, saying they want more information. That rate hike, proposed to be about 11%, or about $4.30 a month added to bills, will be taken up again in a few months. If they vote once again to deny a rate hike, Atmos can appeal their decision to the Texas Railroad Commission.
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