Lubbock Continues to Grow

As more people move to the Hub City, more businesses look to open.
Between stores like Costco opening to the expansion of the Marsha Sharp Freeway, its hard not to notice how quickly Lubbock is growing. 

"Well Lubbock has been just on a roll all over town but specifically in the Southwest area'" said George McMahan with the with the west Texas Home Builders Association. He says he's excited to see just how much the city has grown in the last few years. 

According to the US Census estimates say more than 230,000  people live within city limits and that number keeps rising 3 percent each year. 

"As more people arrive in Lubbock we need more Costcos we need more restaurants more food places" McMahan says.  

And that brings small business owners like Susan George and Lori Shavers, sisters who own their own frozen yogurt business. 

"Lubbock really supports locally owned businesses and that's been such a treat" Shavers says.  

A Cup of Yo is just one business of many who've moved into the Southwest Lubbock area. 

"Its just an area that was not really developed and now people are flocking to it," said Shavers.  

Part of what makes it so easy, is the expansion of Marsha Sharp Freeway and the opening of Milwakee in recent years. 

"Once that opened up... Its just so easy to get to... I mean and any business and when you talk to anybody... The key thing is, good location... location is everything," said George.  
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