Lubbock Couple Arrested for Neglecting Children

A Lubbock couple is behind bars for mistreating their children.


Wonda and Dave Dixon have been foster parents for more than a decade.

In that time they have adopted 10 children all of them special needs.

Today those kids are back in the foster system and the parents are behind bars.

Wednesday morning Lubbock county sheriff’s arrested 58 year old Wonda Dixon and her husband 62 year old Dave Dixon.

They are now in a Lubbock County Jail charged with injury to a child.

“Right now it is injury to a child ,” Sheriff Kelly Rowe said. “They both have a single count of that and then as this thing expands further we will probably see more.”

On August 16th Child Protective Services started an investigation into the Dixon family after an anonymous tip led them to the house.

“I think the important part of this is that somebody came forward and made child protective services aware there was a potential problem over there,” Rowe said.

An initial search found one young girl to be extremely malnourished.

She was taken to the hospital and the rest of the children ages 5 to 14 were immediately taken out of the house.

The girl was in the hospital for a few days but has been released and is back in foster care.

“The investigators that are on this thing are first and foremost looking out for those kids,” Rowe said. “We get that part taken care of then well see what’s going to happen with the criminal charges that will be upcoming on the two caretakers.”

“Once you've been a parent it's not hard being a foster parent,” Dave Dixon said.

5 years ago the Dixon’s sat down with KLBK to talk about being foster parents.

“Some have had problems, but we all have had problems - not the same maybe but kids need love, foster kids need twice as much love,” Dixon said. "It's not their fault          for what they are going through."

Both the Dixon’s are being held on a $150,000 bond.

The Sheriff’s office said it is obvious at least one more child has been through some kind of abuse.

They say they will interview all the children and figure out exactly what they have been through.

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