Lubbock Fire Marshal: 22 Open Arson Cases From 2013

An update on the juvenile arrested in connection to the OL Slaton Junior High fire. The Lubbock fire department says a 15 year old male student has been arrested and charged with first degree arson. But that's not the only open arson case in Lubbock.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- Lubbock Fire Marshal Robert Loveless says they are investigating almost two dozen open arson cases from last year, that's in addition to 130 unsolved arson cases over the last 10 years.

"Currently there are about 22 cases open for 2013," said Loveless.

"In Texas the statute of limitation is 10 years and so until a case has reached that statute then we will just leave that case open until either technology evolves to where we can find some of the evidence we already have, has the answers for us we just don't have the technology yet to obtain that or until somebody else comes forward with other evidence or other evidence is discovered," he said.

Loveless says the penalty for arson can range from criminal mischief to first-degree felony.

"If its an assembly such as a church or a night club or movie theatre some place where there would be a lot of people or a residence where there might be people asleep obviously that penalty is much higher," said Loveless.

He encourages anyone with information, however small, to reach out.

"Sometimes they don't know that they have that information that well this little detail is not important and sometimes that little detail is what brings all of those pieces together," said Loveless.

And Loveless says if you're guilty of arson, it would likely lessen your punishment if you come forward.

"That's almost always the case with the district attorneys office or the judges is everybody makes bad choices, you do, I do everybody does and obviously somebody coming forward with that and going hey I messed up I caused this fire and here is why  that is going to wind up being much lesson penalties and possibly not even any jail time at all," he said.

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