Lubbock Habitat For Humanity Starts Work On 127th Home

Lubbock Habitat for Humanity has started construction on their 127th home. When finished the home will belong to 23 year old Asya Harris. KLBK's Michaela MacDonald has more.
Construction has begun on Lubbock Habitat for Humanity's 127th home. When finished, this home will belong to 23-year-old Asya Harris. She says she can't wait to start this next chapter in her life.

"I'm extremely blessed just to have this opportunity," said Harris.

Asya Harris says she is grateful to be building her new home, all thanks to the Lubbock Habitat for Humanity Program.

"It makes you really feel like its your home. You put the hard work into it, you've picked it out what you wanted, you know, really hands on so you learn the value of owning your own home and what it really means to be your home," said Harris.

While Harris' new home still has a long way to go, she's no stranger to the work it will take.

"With the program I've had to do 500 sweat equity hours, so far I have done close to 200 or 200 plus. I've worked with other volunteers on other homes before we started mine," she said.

"That's what we will be doing from now to the end of the year is working on Asya's house," said Executive Director of Lubbock Habitat for Humanity Marie Hanza.

Hanza says they're looking for individuals and groups to volunteer.

"Its a great opportunity and a great way to help somebody get a hand up instead of a hand out," said Hanza.

The Texas Tech Habitat for Humanity Chapter helped out Monday morning, and Hanza says she expects more students to volunteer later this week.

"Its always good to see people coming out doing community service volunteering to help out the community and it is heartfelt you know that it is for me, so I appreciate that," said Harris.

If you're interested in becoming a homeowner with Habitat for Humanity, they are holding their next workshop on December 7th at the Byron Martin Center.

To volunteer call the office at (806) 763-4663 and have a few choices of days to volunteer. They need volunteers for weekends and weekdays.
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