Lubbock House Lights Up the Holidays

The lights around town may cost a bit more-- But that hasn't stopped some from bringing Christmas galore. Several houses have stirred quite the chatter.
By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX--- The lights around town may cost a bit more--
But that hasn't stopped some from bringing christmas galore. 
Several houses have stirred quite the chatter. 
Klbk's Joshua Cole Little shows them off in tonight's community matters. 

Out there at 66th and Avenue S. 
Where the Christmas lights are some of the best. 
Come Chrstmas time and the sun goes down 
The lights shine bright at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Brown. 

She said "It takes quite a bit of work and a lot of time to get them out." 

But when people drive by they give a shout. 

Mr. Brown said "A guy came up last night with his kids and his wife...
He was hooping and hollering and look at santa claus on the roof." 

Mrs. Brown said "I've always loved christmas and loved the lights."

Really she does this for other's delight. 

"We tell it when to flash when to fade when to shimmer when to twinkle." 

And music on the radio about Christmas and Chris Kringle. 

The cost may go up with Lubbock Power and Light. 

But she says "Its worth and extra 50 dollars a month just to see the kids faces light up."

"A lady that rode everyday... wrote us and thanked us for the displays."

And stories of one little girl wanting to stay. 

"The song just automatically plays when the lights come on." 

And the cars line up to hear the songs.

So make sure to come out and see the holiday cheer. 
However if you miss it 

"We're already planning next years." 

Their house is lit up with LED's 
And Santa's in the window eating cookies. 
They recieved a letter from a kid earlier today 
Thanking them and wishing them a happy holiday.
Again they're out here on Avenue S. 
I guarentee you won't want to miss this. 
So come out and enjoy the bright views. 
Joshua Cole Little KLBK News. 

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