Lubbock Kettle Campaign Behind Before It Started

You may have seen the Salvation Army red kettles starting to pop up around Lubbock. KLBK's Michaela MacDonald spoke to the Salvation Army's Minister, who says this will be a challenging year for their fundraiser.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Salvation Army is ringing in the holiday season with their annual red kettles. Even though they started before Thanksgiving, Minister Tim Grider says they're already behind. Why? It's because Thanksgiving is November 28th, later than unusual.

"Thanksgiving falls later, so we actually have a week less this year than in years past and at the same time because of national agreements some of our locations are not letting us start until after thanksgiving so we are almost two weeks behind normal," said Grider.

And its not just the late Thanksgiving putting them behind, Mother Nature hasn't been cooperating.

"We were supposed to start on Friday, the weather kind of killed those two days Friday and Saturday. Monday started to thaw out, but it put us behind," he said.

Grider says they're already $12,000 behind pace to reach their $225,000 goal. Not reaching their goal means cuts to important services.

"We did not reach it last year. We were short some $32,000 so we had to find other ways to make up for that, specifically cuts, that's what it meant and we don't want to have to do that again," said Grider. "With the numbers that are coming to us in need, saying no or cutting down the number of beds or cutting back on meals are not things that we want to do."

You don't have to brave the elements to help their cause, you can start your own  kettle online at <>

"When they go on there they are going to see a red kettle, there is a little logo there they can click on and they can give in that way and that goes straight to our kettles," said Grider.

Starting Friday, red kettles will be at 28 locations around Lubbock:

All Walmart Locations

All United Supermarket / MarketStreet Locations

Sam's Club

Dillard's and JC Penny at the South Plains Mall

Hobby Lobby on Slide Road

Big Lots on 98th Street

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