Lubbock Man Wakes Neighbors During House Fire

Fire tears through the heart of Lubbock neighborhood, destroying one house and threatening others.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- A fire ripped through a central Lubbock neighborhood Sunday, destroying one home and damaging two others. One man alerted his neighbors to the danger.

Mario Hernandez woke to the sound of his dog barking around 5:00 o'clock Sunday morning.

"I opened the door and I didn't know what was going on," said Hernandez.

He found a house down the street completely engulfed in flames--- that house was vacant, but the one next door was not. That's when Hernandez jumped into action and started pounding on his neighbors door until they woke up.

"The fire was way up there. The whole thing was up there and I was down here just knocking and knocking away until one of the kids got up and everybody started running," he said. "They grabbed their TV and a bunch of their clothes, and their kids, they even got their dog out they were worried about their dog too, everybody got out safe so that was a good thing."

Thanks to Hernandez' quick thinking everyone made it out okay. He's thankful his dog wouldn't let him go back to sleep.

"I have a little Blue Heeler, the little dog just wont stop bow bow bow, barking, so he is the one who woke me up," said Hernandez. "He is a little hero."

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