Lubbock Officer Shot

At about 7:45 Saturday evening police responded to the reports of a man with a gun and when they showed up, a officer was shot as well as the suspect.
UPDATED (Sunday 3:35pm)
        New details for the Lubbock Police Officer who was shot Saturday night.         
        That LPD officer is Timothy Varner, he was sent to UMC after being shot. 
        The suspect in this investigation is Jeremy Moor. 
        Varner and Moor were both shot multiple times in last night's altercation. 
        Moor was served a warrant around 1 pm today (Sunday) one for aggravated assault and attempted murder against an officer with a $500,000 bond. 
        He was also served a warrant for aggravated assault for holding another man at gun point in his vehicle with a $250,000 bond. 

UPDATED (Sunday 2:00 pm):
        The Lubbock police officer who was shot Saturday evening around 8 pm is at UMC today in stable condition with non life threatening injuries. 
        The officer is awake and talking.
        The hospital is keeping him a few more days for observation.
        He was shot multiple times Saturday in an altercation outside the Salvation Army. 
        The suspect was also shot and taken to UMC.
        UMC spokesperson Eric Finley said that man will be released today.
        Police will serve him a warrant with capital murder charges. 
        The altercation began when the suspect was asked to leave the Salvation Army. 
        He was a resident at the facility but had violated one of their rules. 
        Policy for the Salvation Army is to call LPD and let them know they have asked a resident to leave; in case a situation arises. 
        Another resident informed Salvation Army monitors that the suspect could possibly have a gun. 
        Police are unsure what agitated the man but said it was not long after police arrived on the scene that the officer was shot. 
        LPD said the officer was wearing a bullet proof vest. 
        The Salvation Army was put on lockdown. 
        Several eye witnesses were taken to the police station for questioning. 
        LPD said they do have video footage they were taking a look at. 
        No word if that video came from a dash cam or security cameras on the building. 

        Police are continuing the investigation today. 
        They are not releasing any names or other information about the officer out of respect to his family. 
        They are also with holding the name of the suspect. 
        They say that information may become available Monday or Tuesday. 

About 7:45 tonight 
    a Lubbock police officer and suspect were involved in a shooting this all happened
    at the salvation army at 16th and j.   
    the officer was responding to a call and then radioed that shots were fired and an officer was down.
    the officer was rushed to the hospital …
    the officer is now awake and talking...
    the  suspect still in serious condition at umc.
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