Lubbock PD Now Using Body Cameras

Motorcycle cops in Lubbock say these new accessories make enforcing the law safer, more accurate.

Lights. Camera. Action!

Lubbock PD says they're the first police force in West Texas to use the body cameras. Motorcycle officers clip on the small lapel cameras in lieu of the "dash cams" installed in most police cars.

"Anytime we're dealing with the public in any way shape or form, they're supposed to be on," according to officer Brooks Jennings.

LPD says that the recordings will help deter officer misconduct, as well as keep them safer.

"God forbid if I were to go up to a car and the driver of that car harmed me, or killed me, there's good video of that person and what they've done," says Jennings. 

Sgt. Jason Lewis says that the video captured by the cameras also can play a crucial role in investigations and court cases.

"While that motor officer is walking around, getting everybody's information, [that camera] is also recording vehicle positions, or evidence that may be laying on the ground," says Lewis. "That may be benefical to accident reconstruction, or attorneys trying to decide who's at fault and what direction they were going."

The officers donning the devices say that in this day and age, wearing a camera just isn't that strange.

"Honestly, I think the old school reservations of 'Big Brother' following us around and being right there, I think that's kind of gone," Jennings says.

LPD began issuing the cameras six months ago. They cost roughly $900 each.

Sgt. Lewis says they hope to extend the technology beyond just their motorcycle unit.

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