Lubbock Police Arrest Man for Impersonating an Officer

On Wednesday, Lubbock Police arrested a man for impersonating a peace officer.
On Wednesday, Lubbock Police arrested a man for impersonating a peace officer.

According to LPD, 23 year old Michael Brunson was arrested Wednesday for impersonating an officer. This was brought to LPD's attention after a Lubbock man went to police because he was concerned for his own safety.

"Him being an officer, I was scared. And of course I got him the money, so I'd be safe, and so he told me if I didn't give him all of that, I'd go to jail," the man said. "He extorted money from me on more than one occasion, he threatened that he would arrest me, he told me that if I didn't give him the money, I would go to jail."

According to the warrant, the two met through Craigslist. After a few days, Brunson told the man he was a police officer.

Then, according to the man, Brunson began to threaten him, and told the man to pay him in order to stay safe. The man said he paid Brunson $600, and said Brunson told him not to question his position with police, or else he would arrest the man.

The man eventually went to police because he was concerned since Brunson knew where he lived, and then turned text messages between him and Brunson into police as evidence.

"He knew where I was staying, he knew the whole situation with my grandma, I mean, the only reason why I'm here is to fix this home for her to come home, cause she had brain surgery, so I mean, I'm here for her to make sure she's safe when she comes home," He said.

The man is currently staying at his grandmothers house, trying to fix it up for her.

"We take it very seriously, and we are going to investigate, and we are going to arrest whoever does it, because what it does, is it calls into question just the trust that the citizens of Lubbock have for the police department," Sergeant Jason Lewis with Lubbock Police said.

Sgt. Lewis said an officer should always identify who they are up front. "If an officer's talking to you, he's talking about a case or something of that nature, he's going to identify himself, he's going to show you a badge, he'll show you an identification card, or he'll give you his business card," Sgt. Lewis said.

Sgt. Lewis also said if anyone is ever in a situation where they are feeling uncertain about if someone is an officer or not, it is good to call police to check.
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