Lubbock Police Explains How They're Trained to Use Deadly Force

LPD explains how and when they are trained to use deadly force in a potentially violent situation.
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Lubbock Police Department explains how and when they are trained to use deadly force in a potentially violent situation.

"There's so many different factors that come into play when dealing with those kinds of things," Sergeant Jason Lewis with Lubbock Police said.

"All the different calls we go on, we approach, you know, strategically, that's because we want to give ourselves the upper-hand as far as seeing what's going on before we are actually in a position where we have to just react to, you know, somebody coming at us," Sgt. Lewis said.  He said how and when to use deadly force is a part of their training, and there is a range of techniques to use, and it can start with communication with the subject.

"Whoever you're dealing with is going to basically dictate how that situation is handled," Sgt. Lewis said. "Are they, how calm and collected are they?"

He said there are situations officers are in that could require deadly force as a last resort. "In some situations, you're maybe going to wait for some help, and in other situations, you may not have the opportunity to wait for help, you may just be caught up in the middle of it," Sgt. Lewis said.

The training they receive is key, according to Sgt. Lewis. "When you are in these sorts of situations, it is different than the movies, if somebody does have a knife and is running at you, you don't try and karate chop it out of their hands, you know, things don't work that way, so. You do obviously have to use deadly force sometimes, and you have to be prepared to do so and that's something that they train you for," Sgt. Lewis said.

He also said whenever possible, they try to take a step back and use any other means to try and take in a subject without harm.
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