Lubbock Police Heroes On Bridge

Lubbock police help save the life of 17 year old man on a Lubbock bridge Wednesday night.

A 17 year old Lubbock man is alive today after some quick thinking by Lubbock police officers.

“Our negotiator was able to grab him and pull him off the wall while they were visiting,” Lewis said.

Police were called out to the 4500 block of 42nd street just after midnight Thursday-to the bridge crossing over I-27.

The 17 year old man had climbed over the railing and was straddling the edge.

I-27 was shut down for about 15 minutes while officers worked to get the man back to safe ground.

“It is something you have to be careful about,” Lewis said. “You can’t just go running up there, it takes some tact.”

Sergeant Jason Lewis would know.

He grabbed a man off the Marsha Sharp bridge last year.

Lewis said a negotiator is kept on hand at all times and are specially trained for dealing with situations like this.

“Maybe they are not going to hurt themselves but maybe they are,” Lewis said. “If that ends up happening it traumatizes lots of lives.”

After the event police took the man to the hospital for treatment.

“It’s nice when you go up there and hopefully get them some treatment and have a happy outcome to something like that,” Lewis said. 

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