Lubbock Police Looking for Missing Teenager

Police are looking for 18 year old Zoe Campos, who they say disappeared on Sunday night.
Police are looking for a Lubbock teenager they say disappeared on Sunday night.

18 year old Zoe Campos is 5 feet tall, and weighs about 100 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes.

"We have been passing flyers out anywhere and everywhere they will let us put them," says Zoe's mom, Melinda. "We've probably made over 500 flyers."

Her family says they last saw her at home on Sunday. When she failed to pick her mom up from work, that's when they started to worry. And they say just taking off would be completely out of character for her.

"I called her phone, it rang and rang and rang, it went to voicemail," according to Melinda. "So I hung up, called again, went to voicemail again."

"This isn't like her," says her sister, Savannah. "She stays in contact with me or my mom all the time."

The family says they did, however, find her car on Wednesday. They say they saw a young man they didn't know behind the wheel. So they started to follow her silver Lincoln.

"The individual parked the vehicle and took off running, by the time she got there all she saw was him running," Melinda says.

But, still no sign of Zoe.

"Her dad is flying in from Afghanistan, he's stationed over there, and he's coming in to hopefully be surprised that she's sitting right here on the couch," said Melinda tearfully. "Come home. We miss you. Your dad is on his way to see you."

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