Lubbock Woman Claims Roofer Left Job Undone

One Lubbock Woman says she was taken advantage of by a contractor who essentially disappeared after she paid him thousands of dollars to fix her roof.
By Joshua Cole Little

LUBBOCK, TX-- One Lubbock woman says she was taken advantage of by a  contractor.
She says he essentially disappeared after she paid him thousands of dollars.
For her its not only her money she lost, but her trust in people. 

"He said he was a roofer and come by and give me an estimate," Lucy Amador explains. 

He spent $2,400 at Metal Mart. The material was dropped off at Amador's house and she never saw him again. 

"We text him Saturday and he said he was in a bad accident but that a crew was coming... 
So I waited two three hours and I text him and said when are they coming we need to run errands and he never responded... 
I tried calling him yesterday (Wednesday) when we went to Metal Mart... But his phone has been disconnected."

We tried reaching out to Mac Kinsey, both calling him for ourselves and going to his listed home address. Both with no response. 

"So he pocketed $600 for material that we could've ordered and pay less." 

For Lucy, her concern is this can happen to someone else.

"What if he did this to some one who has an illness or elderly that cannot do for themselves... 
And he did me wrong."

Lucy Amador already had another contractor out helping her today.
The new contractor said to do your research, ask for references and an additional estimate. 
Even ask to see their contracting license number. 
All things that Lucy Amador says she will be doing in the future.

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