Man Charged in Crash near Seagraves that Killed 5

Investigators file charges against a driver involved in a deadly crash near Seagraves that killed five people over the weekend.
Ramon Aguilar, the driver of the Dodge pickup in Sunday morning’s fatality, has been charged with Intoxication Assault, Intoxication Manslaughter and Felony Failure to Stop and Render Aid.

The crash happened Sunday around 3:30 am about a mile north of Seagraves on Highway 62

Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers say a Dodge pick up hit the back of a GMC pick up causing both vehicles to roll.

The five people inside the GMC died at the scene.

Four of them and the passenger from the other vehicle were all ejected and not wearing seatbelts.

DPS Sgt. Bryan Witt said not only is it the law to buckle up it could more importantly save your life. 

“The chances of survival in a crash like that are far greater if you have your seatbelt on,” said Witt.  “Once that vehicle starts rolling, you don't have enough strength to hold yourself into that vehicle.  There's so much force in violent collisions like that that you're likely to be thrown out the chances of you getting crushed by the vehicle as it is rolling is greater.”

Aguilar’s passenger was air-lifted to University Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.

Aguilar fled the scene, but was later located in Seagraves.

Aguilar is being held on more than a $2 million dollar bond at the Terry County Jail. 

Troopers investigating say alcohol may have been a factor in this crash. 

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