Man Killed After Train Struck His Cotton Module Truck in Northwest Lubbock Co.

A man was killed Monday after the truck he was driving was hit by a train in Northwest Lubbock County.
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- According to the Department of Public Safety, 35-year-old Marco Antonio Flores, of McAllen, was killed Monday night when the cotton module truck he was driving was hit by an on-coming train.

DPS is working to figure out why the train was on the tracks when the train came.

"The cotton module truck was attempting to cross US 84, coming off County Road 1100, and we do not know if the truck driver did not see the train, or if it couldn't get off in front of the train. We don't know yet," Sergeant Bryan Witt with DPS said.

According to Witt, the cotton module truck that made it across the tracks ahead of the train was carrying Flores' father, who witnessed the entire accident. Sergeant Witt also said that intersection, at Highway 84 does not have any lights where the road and the train tracks meet.

"Now this track is not controlled by any kind of lights, or crossing arms, so it is just a railroad crossing," Sergeant Witt said.

Wayne Gipson lives about a mile down the road from where the accident happened. He said he has lived there for about seven years.

"Never seen an accident here before, so it's a very unfortunate thing, very sad," Gipson said. "I've never heard them not honk their horns, ever. We'll sit out in the yard many a time and you can hear them from the house, especially when the winds coming out of the north, you can hear them blowing the horn."

Sergeant Witt said exactly what was going on when the train was coming is not clear yet. He also reminds people to not stop on the tracks for any reason, and said it can take a train a very long time to stop once they apply their brakes.

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