Man Pays LP&L Bill in All Pennies

A Lubbock man paid his LP&L bill in change once again, this time only in Pennies.
A Lubbock man paid his LP&L bill again in change, but this time it was only in pennies.

Stephen Jones said it took him about three days to get a hold of enough pennies to pay his $456.21 bill. Last month when he paid his bill, it took them more than six hours to count his load. On Wednesday, it only took about 45 minutes.

When Jones arrived, someone from LP&L offered him a form, which, if he singed, would allow him to drop his bucket of change off to the counter, and he would be able to leave. They would then notify him later of how much he submitted in payment. Jones did not take this option and instead waited while they counted his money. The representative said this was a new form since the last time Jones paid.

Jones said this is something he plans to continue to do because of the high rates.

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