Man Shares Story: How Synthetic Marijuana Ruined His Life

Before heading to rehab a Lubbock man shares his experiences with synthetic marijuana.

By: Meredith Hillgartner

(NOTE: The man’s name has been changed in the story on his request.)

At 28 years old this is not how Joey saw his life going.

“It makes you look at things different,” Joey said. “It makes you look at life different, and not in a good way.”

His wife has left him, taking their young son with her, and he is having to take time off of work in the oil fields to go to rehab for his addiction to synthetic marijuana.

“I’ve been smoking for ten years now,” Joey said. “And for nine or eight years it was marijuana, this past year it has been the synthetic stuff. I can totally tell the difference between both of them, and synthetic is so much worse.”

Joey said when he is on the drug he is depressed and has no motivation.

His wife calls him a zombie.

“When I smoked it, it put me on the floor,” Joey said.  “I started zoning out, got tunnel vision.” ‘

One time while on the drug Joey said he experienced a high and was only brought back after his son jumped on top of him.

“The addiction is so strong it didn’t scare me enough to quit,” Joey said.

The only thing he could think about was how to get more.

“All you do is think about that, ‘how am I going to get it, how am I going to get it,’“ Joey said. “You don’t want to do anything else, it just consumes your life.”

But not anymore.

This week Joey will go to rehab, spending 30 days in a facility, focusing on kicking all of his drug habits.

He hopes that by sharing his story he can stop young kids from getting involved with the drug too.

“Don’t smoke that synthetic marijuana, it is bad,” Joey said. “You might feel good for a little bit, but in the long run it is killing you.”

Joey said in five years he hopes to be completely drug-free and own his own business.

He said he wants to be a leader for his family and basically the complete opposite from the person he is now. 

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