Masked Rider Will Not Be At Holiday Bowl

Twelve days until the Red Raiders take on Arizona State in the Holiday Bowl, but one Texas Tech gameday staple won't be making the trip. Michaela MacDonald has the details.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Masked Rider and Fearless Champion will not be making the trip to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. The University says the bowl pageantry committee would not allow Fearless Champion to ride on the field before the game or in the parade.

They do already carry an insurance policy for the horse, but it would cost Tech an extra $2,000 and was going be a 17 hour drive for the horse just to stand on the side of the field. So, they decided it wasn't worth it.

University officials say its not a question of having the funds to send the Masked Rider and Fearless Champion, its that the horse wouldn't be able to do many of its normal game day activities.

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