Meals on Wheels Needs Volunteers ASAP!

Meals on Wheels needs volunteers to fill in their current routes and even more to add new routes in the coming weeks.

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter Meals on Wheels gets more and more requests for meal delivery because people can't get out of their homes.

Now they are asking for people to give any amount of time they can so they can add more routes to help those in need.

To volunteer at meals on wheels you will need to fill out a volunteer form and pass a background check.

You can find that form on the meals on wheels website at or you can call 806-792-7971.

Meals are picked up at Meals on Wheels at 10:30 each morning for delivery and the routes usually take about an hour to get through.

Any time you can give is appreciated and even if you don't want to deliver the meals you can also volunteer in the kitchen or with fundraising if you'd still like to help.

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