Meals on Wheels Weathering the Cold

The cold weather has Meals on Wheels looking for extra volunteers. They say the holidays are one of their busiest times of year but cold and bad weather keeps some of their drivers from getting out on the roads. KLBK's Alison Morris reports.
"This time of year, it gets a little rougher.

Volunteer Coordinator Barbara Bulen said that when a cold snap hits, or the weather gets nasty, Meals on Wheels is in need of some brave volunteers.

"There are days that we could use the extra drivers just in case because a lot of other folks don't want to get out on the bad roads," said Bulen. "We have a lot of good volunteers that have the four wheel drives which is all well and good, but we've got to get them from the car door to the front door without falling and hurting themselves."

On the days that the weather gets so bad though they make sure to provide their recipients with extra supplies.

"If we have more winter months, we're going to send more meals back out so that again we have them covered," said Bulen. "Because you never know."

Bulen said that they will also be sending out extra food ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday since they will be closed.

And with delivering all this extra food, they need extra help.

Now more than ever, Bulen said.

"We've actually grown our routes. We are up to 48 routes within the city limits of Lubbock. But they are getting so full, we need to kind of, lighten the load on some of the routes so that it doesn't take as long to deliver the meals."

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