"Merry Christmas" Now Legal to Say in Public Schools

Just in time for the holiday season, a Texas lawmaker is reminding people that it's now okay to say "Merry Christmas" in the classroom. KLBK's Alison Morris reports.

By Alison Morris

LUBBOCK, TX- Houston Republican, Representative Dwayne Bohac held a state capitol press conference Monday with Santa Claus by his side.

Bohac sponsored a measure passed by the state legislature that removes legal risks from exchanging holiday greetings in schools.

Bohac said it will stop "ridiculous" past lawsuits against schools filed by parents and others calling such exchanges "not politically correct."

Some say this law is "ridiculous."

"It's a waste of our tax dollars,” said one woman, a mother. “It could be put to better use- our tax dollars could be. We should have freedom of speech, but we don't need our tax dollars spent that way."

However, two former school teachers we spoke with were supportive of the measure.

"I think this is part of religious freedom actually,” said the first teacher, from Portales, NM. “I think anywhere you want to you should be able to say 'Merry Christmas.'"

The teachers said that in their experience it was always okay for them to share the holiday with their kids.

Another teacher said that she always proudly displayed the biblical Christmas story in her classroom.

"I always had one bulletin board devoted to the nativity with the scripture references on it, and officially we weren't allowed to have that but my administrators never said a thing about it."

This new law says schools are constitutionally barred from favoring one religious celebration over another, but it's named “The Christmas Law.”

Also protected under the law are holiday and religious symbols such as a menorah, a Christmas tree, or a nativity scene, as long as all religions are represented equally.

LISD said they have never had any problems related to this issue.

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