Missing Sex Offenders Could Be In Your Neighborhood

Eight Lubbock sex offenders have gone missing and could be in your neighborhood. Police have not been able to track them down and need your help to put them behind bars.

By Ashley Hinson

LUBBOCK, TX – Eight sex offenders are unaccounted for in Lubbock County and could be hiding out in area neighborhoods, the county corrections department has suggested.

“They could still be in Lubbock; they have ties to Lubbock they have family in Lubbock,” said Jennifer Mora, Lubbock County Community Supervision and Corrections Department Supervisor.  “It’s very, very urgent to locate them.  I’m definitely concerned.”

Marcus Fuller, 25, Jeffrey Walton, 31, Everett Moreno, 33, Mark Nelson, 38, Erasmo Varges, 46, Juan Marrero, 56, Donald Valentine, 61, and Gerado Garza, 64 are wanted for absconding, according to police records.  All men, including the four who went missing just this year, failed to register and cannot be located.  Each have warrants out for their arrests. 

“Sometimes they'll be having family members or friends that will be assisting them,” said Mora.  “Sometimes they won’t have a job where they're giving out their social security number, getting a regular pay check, getting paid in cash so they can go for a very long time without being detected.”

Sex offenders are required to register with police every year, some every 90 days, and re-register when they move.

“They keep close tabs on them,” said Mora.

The Lubbock County Sheriff’s Department even goes door to door in the middle of the night to check on the 530 sex offenders in the county.

However, these eight men are no where to be found and Mora said the criminals are doing everything they can to hide from Lubbock police.

“They know those consequences can be very severe,” said Mora.  “They can face anywhere from 99 years to life in prison giving them every incentive not to get caught.   We hope that if any citizens or anyone knows their location that they will contact law enforcement”

If you have seen or know where these men are contact police.

To see a map of the sex offenders in your neighborhood click here.

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