More LISD Schools Choose Standardized Dress

Another LISD school opts for school uniforms.

Parents are supporters of standardized dress say uniforms make students equal and they are actually cheaper than buying regular school clothes.

More and more schools in Lubbock I.S.D. could be looking at making a change to standardized dress.

“The cost,” Vogeler said. “I think this year I spent a total of $290 for uniforms.”

$290 is a lot of money for single mom Cheyanna Vogeler; especially when it comes to buying clothes.

“There are other ways to express yourself other than clothing,” Vogeler said.

Vogeler is a supporter of standardized dress.

She does not want her nine year old daughter judged because she can not afford to buy her name brand clothes.

“Being a single mom I can’t afford that,” Vogeler said. “So I don’t have to worry about her getting made fun of because she is wearing something from Wal-Mart.”

Besides affordability Vogeler said uniforms make kids look nice.

“You see the boys with the pants up with a belt on,” Vogeler said. “You see the girls with their shirts tucked in or the shorts look nice. It doesn’t look like they have been run through a tornado.”

 “Every year we are seeing that number of campuses grow,” Nancy Sharp said. “I expect to see more campuses go to standardized dress.”

Uniforms are not a district wide requirement—instead they are individually regulated per campus.

Nancy Sharp is the communications director for Lubbock I.S.D.

She said there are several benefits for schools to use standardized dress.

“Parents say it makes things easier in the morning because there is not a lot of controversy about what a student is going to wear to school,” Sharp said. “Issues of dress code really just go away. That’s a non-issue when students are wearing a uniform in standard dress.”

If your child goes to a school that requires standardized dress but you can not afford to make the uniform change contact your schools principal they should be able to help.

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