National Weather Service Warns Of Winter Weather Headed Our Way

NWS Lubbock held a winter storm decision briefing today, to inform public safety officials, school districts, and emergency managers of this expected icy conditions this weekend.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Lubbock branch of the National Weather Service held a decision support briefing today to warn public officials about the winter weather headed our way.

NWS Lubbock had over 80 decision makers on their warning call today including public safety officials, school districts and emergency managers.

Warning Coordination Meteorologist Jody James says they are issuing a winter storm watch from 6 AM Friday all the way to 6 AM on Tuesday.

On the call, James went into detail about when they expect the worst conditions. He says by rush hour tomorrow morning there could be icy spots on overpasses and underpasses. He urges the public to use caution while traveling all weekend.

James says giving these warning briefings is a major part of their role at the weather service.

"You know that is one of the main reasons we exist as the National Weather Service is to be support, to be decision support as well as providing official forecasts and warnings for our entire county warning area, so we take that responsibility seriously. A winter warning is by definition can be deadly that is why we call it a warning so its a good reminder not only for the public safety officials, but also for the general public to take these warnings seriously," said James.

James says they have meteorologists working 24/7 to track these possible storms. They are planning to have another conference call tomorrow afternoon.
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