Neighborhood House Prepares to Help Folks with High Winter Bills

By Anne Parker

Our friends at Neighborhood House help look after folks in need.

They tell us that this winter weather is hard... especially on  families with young kids, the disabled and elderly folks.

They've been swamped with phone calls from people expecting the winter storm..and the big heating bills that go with it.

Neighborhood House is already out of money that came from this year's household crisis grant, that goes to those who need help with in need with utility bills.

Thankfully, they have other resources that they can pull money from..but they certainly need all the help they can get.

"Especially with the elderly and the disabled that are on low, fixed incomes at this time of year the big decision is whether to heat or to eat," says Joy Loper at Neighborhood House. "We do try to keep as many appointments going as we can and help as many households as we can.... we know what this time of year is like."

LP&L tells us Wednesday that they will not be doing any disconnects for the rest of the week.. to make sure customers stay warm and safe through this expected weather.

If you can donate to Neighborhood House. and help those in need..make a check out to them..and specify it is for Utility Assistance. 

Send the check to them: 
1318 Broadway St, Lubbock, TX 79401 or call them (806) 741-0459.

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