Neighbors Look to Community to Help with 'Hoarder'

The city was forced to intervene at one Central Lubbock home Friday, because the elderly occupant refuses to dispose of her piles of garbage.

LUBBOCK, TX -- Lubbock resident Jose Sanchez says he doesn't mind his neighbor; he just minds her mess.

"She's a great neighbor, you know, she really is. But, she has a problem, you know," Sanchez says. "I just don't like her mess."

The city's Codes Department says the problematic property on 37th St. has plagued them for years. But, no matter how many citations they issue, the trash just doesn't get cleaned up. So Friday morning, they finally stepped in.

"All offers of assistance that the city, my department, has offered have been turned down," according to Stuart Walker, the city's code enforcement supervisor. "This morning we came and cleaned the areas immediately accessible to the public."

According to Walker, his crew hauled away enough junk that they filled at 16 foot trailer. But, that was barely enough to even clear the front yard.

However, Sanchez says the city went about this all the wrong way.

"I didn't like how the dude was just throwing [the trash] all back there, you know?" he continued. "I think its taken too long, because this isn't something just happened last week or last month or whenever you guys started reporting it. It's been an ongoing problem with the city, the city's known about it."

He hopes they can clean this all up, in a neighborly way.

"I was speaking to some people from some businesses around town that are wanting to come out and help out with," Sanchez says. "I think as a community we just need to come together and help her out.

As of Friday afternoon, the front yard had almost entirely been cleared. However, behind the house, the garbage still piled up.

The Codes Department says they'll give the homeowner two weeks to take care of the mess herself.

If she doesn't, they'll have no choice to intervene and do it themselves.

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