New Additions at Jones AT&T Stadium Ready for Saturday's Game

Improvements to enhance fans' game day experience ready to go for Saturday's first home game of the season.

It was always a little ironic. A stadium named after a cell phone company...with subpar cell phone service.

"The dash was not large enough to accommodate the users who were here," according to AT&T's TJ Forner. "This year AT&T has brought in whole new bay stations and techonology, and brought it thoroughout the whole stadium."

Hidden by boxes and signs, "The Jones" now boasts nearly 320 new antennae to boost cell reception during game time.

"We hope that all that leads to a great game day for fans," says TTU Athletics Communications Director Blayne Beal. "They're in their stadium, they're connected with their friends and families, they can share in victories with us, and share with us socially on our new video board...take part in what we think is going to be a brand new environemnt."

But enhanced cell reception is just one part of how Tech Athletics is out to improve the overall game day experience.

"Probably the biggest thing that we're most excited about is the new sound system in the stadium," says Beal. "It's crystal clear, sounds like you're in a movie theater."

Their new high-definition video screen measures 38 feet high, 100 feet wide -- the eighth largest in college football.

"We're trying our best to try and integrate the fan experience so that they're a part of the game," says Beal. This includes a new feature called Tagboard, where fans can send their tweets and Instagram pictures to the big screen using the hashtag #WreckEm.

Beal says these improvements are all about creating the ultimate experience for the fans.

"One of the things we hear all the time is that the at-home experience is better, that sitting at home in front of your television and having that luxury is easier than coming to a game," he says. "So, what we're trying to do is bring that experience here into our stadium."

The first home game is this Saturday at 6pm against the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks. 

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