New Details in the Firing of City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld

New information coming out tonight shows the firing of City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld back in July may have been nearly a year in the making. KLBK's Michaela MacDonald has more.
Documents obtained from the city show certain council members wanted former City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld out almost a year before she was fired back in July.

There are emails from Councilmen Todd Klein and Victor Hernandez accusing Dumbauld of insubordination in August of 2012. The former city manager was fired without cause on July 15th.

That firing cost the city over $350,000 in severance. The city had tried to keep this information private, but the website "Sandstorm Scholar" was able to get a copy.

"Councilman Klein actually emailed me and had an allegation of insubordination against Ms. Dumbauld. Not sure why he sent it to me because I have no authority as Mayor in that type of situation. Mr. Hernandez, I actually think was an email that was sent to Ms. Dumbauld in which he accused her of being insubordinate. That was back well over a year ago so there had been long running history between those two and Ms. Dumbuald I don't think there's any doubt with that," said Robertson.

"It had been building. Quite frankly I felt that there was three votes to terminate Ms. Dumbauld for about the last year. Ms. Joy, Mr. Hernandez and Mr. Klein had not been, they had been very plainspoken that they felt like it was time for a change," he said.

Mayor Glen Robertson says he never witnessed any insubordination by Ms. Dumbauld.

The mayor says even though there was some drama for about six to nine months. They were still able to do their jobs and put city business first.

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