New Details on Dixon Abuse Case; Could Bring More Charges

CPS releases new details in the Dixon abuse case that could land the parents in even more trouble.

In three years Wonda and Dave Dixon adopted 10 children from the foster care system.

From December 2009 to July 2012 six boys and four girls, all under the age of 14, became members of the Dixon household.

Six weeks ago the children were removed from the house after an investigation showed one of the girls to be extremely malnourished.

A new report released by child protective services Thursday shows the Dixon children were abused in many ways.

A CPS spokesperson said the children were spanked with paddles, switches and even a waterhose.

The Dixon’s have a history with CPS.

In the last year and a half four reports were filed alleging abuse and neglect.

Thursday we spoke to a woman who’s children played football with two of the Dixon boys.

“My initial thoughts of the family were that they were very caring, very loving,” the woman said.

The woman wanted to remain anonymous but said the family seemed normal.

“They made it to practices, they made it to games, they would bring all the children with them,” the woman said. “They had team t-shirts for everybody and it just appeared to be a good situation.”

Now she wants answers to this heartbreaking situation.

“It just kind of broke my heart,” the woman said. “You don’t ever want to hear that and I’m just hopeful maybe there is more to this story. Maybe there were some other circumstances that we don’t know yet but it just made me sad.”

CPS said the Dixon’s went through an extensive process to become an adoptive home including training, background checks, FBI finger print checks, CPS history checks, home study and placement trial periods with each child. 

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