New Pipe Puts Cleaned Water Back in Streams

Contractors can now bid on a project that will take water from treatment plant back into the Canyon Lakes streams.
The city of Lubbock has started the last phase of a project that would clean our waste water and put it back into the local environment more efficiently.
It opened bidding today on a project that puts clean water into the Canyon Lake system.
It's all part of a 7 million dollar upgrade at the Southeast Water Reclaimation Plant. 
When the new pipeline is put into place, clean water will go from there directly back into the environment.
"Its not ultimately going to affect anyone any differently than what's happening now... Its the same water that been going up to the canyon lakes already. We're just discharging it at a different point now," said John Turpin, the chief water utilities manager for the city. 
The project is expected to take more than a year to finish once a contracting company is selected toward the end of October. 
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