New Website Seeks To Link Oil And Gas Professionals Around The World

It's Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter all rolled into one, but tailored specifically for oil professionals.
MIDLAND -- Social media is changing the way the world works.  Schools are utilizing it, so are news agencies.  More than 1 billion people have a Facebook account.

Now, social media is changing the way the oil industry works.  The idea behind was to connect oilfield workers around the world, from the Permian Basin to Saudi Arabia.

"People can meet with other like-minded individuals, share content amongst each other, and kind of create an online community that's centered around the oil and gas business," Joseph Triepke said.  He's the managing director of

The goal isn't just networking, though that's a big part of it.  Joseph Triepke, the managing director of Oilpro.Com, says there's a more important reason why the site was launched.

"To basically come together to solve problems that they're facing in their day to day jobs."

Since OilPro connects users all around the world with a click, managers of an oil site in the Permian Basin could ask the question, and get an answer from someone in Saudi Arabia who's experienced the same problem.

"It's international," Triepke said.  "We've had updates in Saudi Arabia, Australia, China, the U.K., Norway, basically anywhere the oil and gas industry is, which is really pretty much everywhere on the globe."

It's Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter all rolled into one, but tailored specifically for oil professionals. Triepke says almost a whole generation skipped getting jobs in the oil and gas industry, Generation X. He says now, the challenge is filling gaps of knowledge that have been lost, and he believes Oilpro will help the industry do that.

"One of the primary objectives for Oilpro is to help the industry solve that problem by allowing the older folks to educate the younger folks on the site through social media," Triepke said. is a free site, like Facebook and other social media sites, and it only takes about five minutes to create a profile.  Triepke says the response to Oilpro has been much better than he expected.  There's already been about 10,000 members who have signed up from all around the world.

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