Northwest Lubbock Neighborhood Frustrated With Speeding Detour Traffic

We're hearing some built up frustration in North Lubbock tonight. A nearby construction project has been sending cars speeding through a neighborhood for months. As Michaela MacDonald tells us, despite their pleas for help, not enough has arrived.
Frustrated with detoured traffic speeding through their street, moms McKenzie Buchanan and Jessica Reyna decided to take action. They put up traffic cones with a simple sign--- "slow down."

"Most people gave us thumbs up but one person ran it over so I dont think they liked it too much," said Buchanan.

"At least 20% more than normal and this neighborhood is not designed for the high volume of traffic," said one neighbor.

Down the block, this concerned resident says everytime there is a detour on the nearby North Loop, their neighborhood sees a huge influx of speedy detoured drivers.  He has been trying to get them to slow down since March.

"Increased traffic, people running the stop sign at Salem and Itasca, just not watching for kids. This is a very family orientated neighborhood, we have children playing. They are not necessarily playing in the street they are playing in their yards, but  a ball rolls out, a dog runs out. People just not watching where they are going," said the neghbor, "We are almost to the point where we are going to have to put our own speed bumps for people to slow down."

Now they are asking the city and community to help make their neighborhood a safer place.

"We want our kids to be safe out here playing so it would be awesome if had some enforcement or had someone out here slowing people down," said Buchanan.

"If you go through this neighborhood please slow down," said the neighbor.

They say they did have had some patrol units and radar signs out here and that did seem to slow traffic a little bit, so they are hopign to see more of a presense going forward.

We spoke with the police who say they will be sending out more patrols later this week.
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