Oil Business Brings More Jobs to West Texas

It is not just the oil field that needs help but companies need drivers to work in the high demand oil business.

By: Meredith Hillgartner

LUBBOCK, TX-David Edge is looking for drivers.

“We’re not hiring hundreds of drivers,” Edge said. “We’re looking for that one, two, three good quality candidates’ that will stay with us.”

And he is looking for them in Plainview.

“The reason we are in this area is there have been some layoffs in drivers with some of the agriculture field,” Edge said. “We felt like if we came in and made an offer with a better income and a little more stability.”

Edge works as a recruiter for Eagle One, a transportation company that does logistics for major oil companies.

“Once they are done with a fracking job we go out behind them, pick up all of their equipment,” Edge said. “Could be 10 trucks, could be their whole site  30 trucks, and we move them to their next location.”

And they have a lot of business here in the South Plains.

Edge said right now the company is stationed in Midland/Odessa region but serves all of West Texas.

“One of the reasons we are hiring more people is because our customers are demanding more and more out of us,” Edge said. “They are in the process of looking at new areas, new drilling areas, and as that happens we have to be prepared to move forward with them.”

Eagle One is looking for drivers with a Class A CDL license, with at least two years of truck driving experience.

“Basically what we look for in a candidate is a good driving record, good background, a good work history that we can verify,” Edge said.

The job comes with good pay, full benefits and a signing bonus, but Edge said the most attractive offer is job security. 

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