One Local Business Seeing the "Silver Lining" of Obamacare.

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act starts October 1st. Many businesses are displeased with the higher costs associated with the new law -- but one Lubbock company says they also see opportunity.
Open healthcare enrollment as mandated by the Affordable Care Act begins October 1st. 

But, if you're not quite sure exactly what that means -- you're not the only one. 

"It's actually kind of confusing to a lot of people because there's a requirement that all employers notify their employees that exchanges are available that they can go to and get coverage," says Kevin Van, a Lubbock insurance consultant and author of the book 'Obamacare: A Handbook for Employers'. "But, the exchanges aren't all available, so its kind a of catch 22 for a lot of people." 

The exchanges are websites where individuals can see what health coverage options are available to them. Here in Texas, no statewide exchange has been created. They'll have to opt for the federal exchange marketplace, which the government assures will be up and running by that October 1 deadline.

It's also the deadline for all companies to notify their employees of what their benefit options are, and where they can purchase them.

One local business isn't necessarily pleased with the new law -- but they do see a silver lining. 

"I see it as an opportunity for the home health care industry to prove what we can provide as far as low cost healthcare services," according to Carlos Morales, executive vice president at Caprock Home Health Care. 

Morales says that Obamacare could help the home healthcare industry because they can provide a low-cost option for Medicare patients. 

"There's a possibility for us to actually grow and prosper, and as long as we are providing solutions for hospitals," Morales says. "I
t's a give and take, really. It's a good and a bad, just depending on how you look at it." 
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