One Year after Sandy Hook; a Look at Gun Sales

At this time last year there were long lines out the door of gun stores all around Lubbock, people afraid of a major price spike on guns and ammunition. KLBK's Alison Morris looks into the status of sales and prices now.
By Alison Morris

LUBBOCK- It's been a little more than a year since the Sandy Hook Tragedy that sparked a nation-wide run on ammunition and guns.

However, folks at Sharp Shooters said that's not the case now.

"After I heard about the tragedy at Sandy Hook, I took it upon myself to go buy some ammunition due to the fact that the price of ammunition was going to go up indefinitely for a while."

But Sharp Shooters customer Tanner Thomason isn't worried about that anymore.

This year, he's shopping for different reasons.

"Shopping primarily for some ammunition," said Thomason. "Kind of stocking up for Christmas and gifts and stuff."

Chris Bennet at Sharp Shooters said that business is actually slow right now.

"Oh it's a drastic difference," said Bennet. "Normally it'd be a store full of people, and we'd just be doing background checks on everybody."

As far as prices go, opinions vary.

"Nowadays, a year later, prices have finally gone down to a comfortable level," said Thomason. "Not like they used to be but they're a decent comfortable level."

"Ammo prices have gone kind of crazy. Lots of people want to hoard. And ammo prices went up really big time this last year."

Kerry Sarchet says he buys his ammo online because it's much cheaper.

"The last bit of ammo I bought was online and had it shipped to my house," said Sarchet. "I bought a thousand rounds of a couple different calibers."

The one thing that's in high demand right now is 22 calibers because, Bennet said, they're scarce now and that fewer manufacturers are making them.

"They just haven't produced a whole lot of them," said Bennet. "So the demands there. They're just not meeting the demand."

Bennet said buying a gun as a present for someone else is technically legal, but generally they have the recipient come in for a background check.

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