Organizers Calling South Plains Job Fair A Big Success

A big day for local job seekers today with this fall's South Plains Job Fair at the Civic Center. One of the big employers at the event was Costco, looking to fill 180 positions by the time they open November 16th. KLBK's Michaela MacDonald has more
There were 75 employers at the South Plains Job Fair today and over 1,000 job seekers. Organizers are calling it a big success.

"People are looking for work. They are not just coming out, they want to work," said Danny Soliz, Director of Workforce Development for Workforce Solutions.

He says they saw jobseekers of all ages and interests at Thursday's job fair.

"Business administrative," said Carol Unger.

"Communications, marketing, but not sales," said Alexis Arnold.

"I've been in eduaction for 21 years, and I'm out here looking for a job see if there's anything in K-12 or above," said Glen Smith.

One of the busiest employers at the fair was Costco, looking to fill 180 jobs by their opening day November 16th.

"We have jobs in warehouse work, customer service, meat, bakery, deli, produce stocking, tire center, optical, hearing aid you name it we've almost got something involved out there," said Costco General Manager Scott Huntington.

Huntington says they weren't surprised by the amount of interest in working at Costco.

"Fortunately we are a very good employer. We pay well, our starting pay is $11.50 an hour. We have benefits for full-time and part-time employees, and a wide range of jobs to do, so job seekers typically like to seek us out when we come to town," said Huntington.

These job seekers say having so many employers in one place is a great opportunity.

"Theres a wide variety of opportunties here as far as differrent employment opportuntiies so its good to come out here and see, get some different ideas of what might be available out there," said Smith.

"This is a great opportunity for me because I dont have to waste gas, or ask for directions," said Unger.

"There's a lot of places here that don't have the type of jobs that I am looking for, but its still a good opportunity to network and you never know in Lubbock being a big little town, you never know when you are going to utilize that experience," said Arnold.

If you missed the job fair today, Workforce Solutions is holding another job fair for veterans in November and they you can always visit them at their 14th and Avenue 'L' location.
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