People Dressed Like Duck Dynasty Fill City Council Citizen Comments Thursday

A group Thursday came to the Lubbock City Council meeting dressed in camouflage, bandanas, and even fake beards to say they were being censored like Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty. EDIT: 10L33pm
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- About a half dozen people came to the Lubbock City Council meeting Thursday decked out in camouflage, bandanas, and even fake beards. They said they were making a statement that they were not going to be censored like Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

"Been said that Lubbock has its own Duck Dynasty problem," Burley Owen said at the microphone at Thursday's City Council meeting.

The frustration was over citizen comments being taken off of channel 2 during the last city council meeting in 2013.

"The parallel and similarity to Duck Dynasty is perhaps the city council appears not to like what we are saying, so you want to take away the platform we have to present counterpoints of view and raise questions about what the city is doing," Owen explained.

"I see it as a positive thing, because we're doing something fun to bring attention to how we feel," another man dressed up said.

They said they felt they were being censored and they wanted the city council to notice.

"Just felt like it makes it like we're not even here," Mikel Ward said about the comments not airing on channel 2. "I think it was meant to be humorous, we meant to have an element of surprise more than we did."

The original resolution passed years ago said that only those who signed up seven days in advance would air on channel 2, because they were on the agenda and could have city council respond to them. Those who signed up and were not listed on the agenda would still be allowed to speak in chambers, but the comments would not air on channel 2.

Bill Curnow said he could see where the mayor was coming from in keeping comments off the air. "I don't support how they're protesting, but I understand their frustration," Curnow said. "And this kind of proves why you did it. It's spinning out of control. Rapidly out of control, to the point where the seriousness that the pastor was asking for was no longer possible in these business meetings."

Some agreed, though, that there needed to be a way for the council to keep order when it comes to what people were saying. "If someone behaves in a way that is out of order, or is illegal, they can be gaveled down, and removed from the meeting," Liz Padgett said.

Mayor Robertson said he would put a resolution on the agenda for the following council meeting to discuss exactly what could be done.

The other big issue of the night, the public hearing on the re-zoning for the Walmart going in at 114th Street and Quaker Avenue passed unanimously.

ORIGINAL STORY -- Thursday night, the Lubbock City Council will tackle citizen comment changes and a public hearing on Walmart planning and zoning changes at their first city council meeting of the new year.

These two issues have been gaining attention in recent weeks.  Recently, some people were frustrated to hear that citizen comments were not going to be televised along with the rest of the city council meetings. There is currently a resolution that states that only those people who are printed on the agenda will be aired. Those who sign up to speak the day of are not aired.

At the last city council meeting, the mayor decided to temporarily stop airing all citizen comments. Thursday, Mayor Glen Robertson said that was going to change, and he would go back to airing all of the citizen comments until city council could discuss a possible new resolution.

There are currently multiple people signed up to speak on the issue during citizen comments at Thursday's meeting.

The other big item on the agenda is a public hearing on a zoning change for the Walmart going in at 114th Street and Quaker Avenue.

Back in December, the city's Planning and Zoning board unanimously voted to expand their property from 16 acres to 25 acres, and Walmart also promised to put up a six foot privacy fence and add extra landscaping.

There are some people who are against the expansion of the Walmart. Thursday, city council will hold the public hearing about the changes to the zoning.

Here's a link to the agenda.

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