Pet Store Closing After 40 Years, Citing Pressure from PETA

Protests of pet shops in California may have Bonnet Pet Center closing their doors. Alison Morris Reports.

After 40 years in business at the south plains mall, Bonnet pet center is closing down.


Owner David Bonnet says because of pressure from PETA.


"I feel kind of betrayed," Bonnett said. "I feel kind of like I've been thrown under the bus."


Bonnett's leasing company, Macerich, is refusing to let him renew. 


He says because of protests of other stores like his in California against pet shops buying from puppy mills.


"So they decided that they wouldn't renew leases of pet stores anywhere," Bonnett said.


He doesn't agree with it.


"Their solution was hang them all," Bonnet said. "Which I didn't think was very fair."


Bonnet said they've never bought an animal from a mill.


Bonnett's manager for almost 17 years, Nancy Constancio backs him up on that.


"No. never," Constancio said. "Not at all. Flat out. Never have and I wouldn't be here if we did."


Constancio, who will soon be out of a job, said that the situation was unfair.


"It's just something that we're getting the backlash of what happened so far away," Constancio said. "Our store's great."


Bonnett and Constancio said Bonnet Pet Center buys locally, and 65 percent of their puppies are donated to them. 


"Just Lubbock people," Bonnet said. "Perhaps they were in an ad in the thrifty nickel and no one calls. Perhaps they're somebody from out in Snyder. Perhaps they're in Floydada. We are the market for their puppies."


Bonnet said they sell on average 3,000 puppies a year with a turnover rate of about 3 days.


When Bonnett closes down all of the puppies they have left will go to the pound.


Constancio worries about them.


"We're afraid they're going to be after we're gone in alleys and boxes, you know?"

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