Plainview PD Release Cause of Death In August Death Investigation

Plainview Police have released a cause of death for one of the two people found dead in a home on August 2nd.
Plainview Police have released the cause of death of one of the two people found dead in a home on August 2nd.

According to Plainview PD, Robert Olszweski's death has been ruled a suicide, and police said this was based off of investigative facts, the autopsy, and toxicology reports.

On August 2nd, Plainview Police were called to 1301 Smyth Street for a check welfare. That led to investigators on scene for hours, after two bodies were found inside the home.

The other body found inside the home has not yet been identified by police, although family members say the other person is Teresa Hill. The family said they have been working with the police to try to help get DNA to identify Hill. Police said they are still waiting on DNA results, and say they cannot make a decision on the other cause of death at this time.

Hill's daughter, April Turlington, has been waiting since the two were found for confirmation that it's her mother. Turlington said it has felt like forever as she and other family members are waiting for police confirmation. "I know I have to take it one day at a time. I get so mad, and I start thinking about it, and I get so mad, because she's gone and I can't get her back," Turlington said.

Turlington said she's been told it could take up at six months before they have more information.
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