Police Investigating Alleged Exploitation of Elderly Man

Lubbock Police are now looking into the case of an elderly man, who says he lost more than $50,000 when a family friend sold his house, and then never paid him back.

$54,604.50 dollars. That's how much money Curtis Collier says he's owed from the sale of his home.

"Just a lot of things didn't add up," Collier says. "I went down and asked about money and stuff, and I ask where's the money at, you know?"

Last year, a close family friend offered to help sell his home.

"She said, 'Well Curtis, just give me power of attorney,'" he says.

So he did.

"I knew she knew about real estate," he says. "I didn't know much about it, I knew she knew more than I did."

But, after the house sold and some debts were paid off, Collier says he should have gotten that $54,000.

He never did.

When Adult Protective Services learned of the situation, they informed Lubbock Police.

According to reports, police opened their case yesterday.

But, even if he gets what's rightfully his, Collier says some things...money just can't fix.

"It's like a member of your family betrayed you. Makes you feel real bad."

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