Price is Right Rolls Into Lubbock

Five enthusiastic ladies woke up early to make sure they get a shot 'to come on down.'
        Carylon Cunningham and her five friends took off work Wednesday to make sure they were first in line for The Price is Right. 

        Cunningham and friends said they were surprised at 9:30 this morning when they ended up being the first ones waiting at the door.
        The ladies said they bought their tickets the first day they were available.
        Cunningham's niece made t-shirts for the group.
        They also made signs hoping they would stand out in the crowd.

        Only 60 people will get a chance 'to come on down' and play for a chance to win some prizes. 

        The ladies said being first in the door means they are the first to sign up; giving them a better chance of getting their name called.

        Cunningham said she is hoping to win a new car. 

        All six ladies say the Price is Right is their favorite show and they never miss an episode.

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