Ralls Dominates LCHS 42-22

The other half of the Crosby County rivalry, Ralls, in Lubbock tonight taking on LCHS


1st quarter the Eagle defense stepping up here as Joshua Velasquez is tackled for a loss on the play.


But the jackrabbits stay persistent with that veer offense Braxton Jones drives his way into the end zone and the jackrabbits get on the board first 8-0...


Now in the 2nd. Jackrabbits going to the bag of tricks it’s the running back pass... Kaleb Reese to Josh Rojas and its 15-0 jackrabbits...


But LCHS would get it going.. Brooks Pitaniello keeps this one himself and runs it in for the score.


Cut the deficit to 15-8.


But Ralls too strong as they dominate 42-22 for your final.

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