Red Cross Tips For Winter Weather Emergencies

Red Cross wants you to be prepared in case tonight's cold weather causes emergencies.

By: Meredith Hillgartner

You might say Texas weather is unpredictable; but the people of Lubbock are doing their best to prepare for weather emergencies.

“Preparedness, in an emergency is critical year round,” Smith said.

Thursday night temperatures are supposed to drop into the twenties with strong winds to follow.

Shannon Smith with the Lubbock chapter of the American Red Cross wants you to be ready.

“If something should happen we want people to be prepared so the community can be stronger and bounce back quickly,” Smith said.

Smith said to stop by the store on your way home from work and stock up on non-perishable foods.

“Make sure you have bottled water,” Smith said. “You never know when a pipe might be frozen, we might lose water, just be prepared in case you and your family may be without.”

It is also a good idea to keep extra batteries on hand too.

“Making sure people have batteries,” Smith said. “That’s something people really need to think about, those battery operated radios that may be lying around, dusted, possibly also flashlights.”

Smith said the keep to staying warm is layering; so go ahead and pull out those extra blankets and coats.

But your home is not the only place you need to keep extra supplies.

Smith said to keep extra blankets and food in your car just in case you get stuck while on the road.

“I would say stay tuned to your local weather channel and definitely adhere to what they say about the roads,” Smith said. “Lots of people are in preparation for some treacherous, dangerous weather conditions over night.” 

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